Overseas Catering Service

With the motto of Grade-UP & Have-Fun, Probank Catering has established a Korean food and captaining system in Seoul centering on Saudi Arabia and Vietnam catering headquarters, and has differentiated and specialized foreign workers recruitment and management systems in Dubai, UAE. With catering technology, we have jumped to the next level in the group food market.

Catering service Motto

Customer Satisfaction First!

Catering service Catch phrase

Grade-up & Have-Fun

We do our best to consider the satisfaction of taste rather than reducing the cost of food materials, and We pursue the qualitative improvement of overseas work site life by continuously developing and providing special events. It is motto and catchphrase of our catering service.

Catering service operation

ProBank Catering service has provided various services with the best facilities in the praise of executives from customers such as Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction and Daelim Industrial since its first opening on March 1, 2011 in Rabik, Saudi Arabia.

■ Saudi Arabia Headquarters

- Rabigh Power plantⅡsite (Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction)

- SHOAIBA Power plant Ⅱsite (Daelim Industrial)

- Main Contractor & Sub Contractor Korea restaurant

- Indian restaurant and Filipino restaurant

- Operation of additional facilities such as convenience stores

and barber shops in the camp

■ Vietnam Headquarters

- Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Factory in Quang Ngai VN

- Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Factory in Nghi Son VN

- Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Factory in Vinh Tan 4 VN

- Korea restaurant and Vietnam restaurant

Catering service operating system

Catering service (Korean restaurant)

∙Providing a healthy and diverse Korean menu by using Korean ingredients

∙ Korean restaurant cooker with 20 years of experience

∙ Use of high-quality Korean imported kitchen equipment and equipment

∙ Operating American Breakfast Corner

∙ Various dessert corners

∙ Special food service once a week

∙ Special buffet service once a month

∙ Christmas buffet and gift service

∙ Turned food service such as New Year's Day and Chuseok

∙ Korea Pharmaceutical Service

∙ Korea Book Rental Corner

∙ Operate a cafe-type convenience store exclusively for Korean workers