1/Probank screen golf

Probank Screen Golf opened a store in District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City in 2020. In Vietnam, the first three-story building was built to create an optimized space for screen golf. We are trying to introduce the culture of golf to not only Koreans residing in Vietnam but also Vietnamese people, and to contribute to the revitalization of the golf industry.

In addition, we have built a system to enable golf lessons by constructing a practice field system as well as screen golf. Professional golfers registered in KPGA are placed on the field to provide golf training, and a complete system has been established to help customers who learn high-quality golf in a comfortable environment.

1) Golf practice place

2) Screen golf

3/ IT equipment

By developing our own high-speed vision camera sensor, we can supply to customer lower the price and increase the performance. So it is optimized for the screen practice field, and it provides a snapshot of the image captured by the sensor, so you can trust the accuracy of sensing.

Excellent image quality with Full HD resolution, and deep image quality with high contrast ratio.

Intuitive with low noise and low trouble auto tee-up, Keypad maximizes convenience with buttons.

Reality by realizing the actual field slope maximization. Maintenance cost is low because it has low noise and sturdy durability.

4) The sensor is the most accurate and proven expensive radar sensor product in the world. It is comparing tests and completing accurate distance and pitch.

5/ Kiosk

1. 24-inch touch monitor

2. PC equipped with the latest Intel CPU

3. Genuine Windows 10

4. Front swing motion camera

5. Keyboard and mouse

6. Durable steel exterior

ProBank Golf’s latest IT facilities and golf programs help anyone easily learn golf and have fun playing golf. In addition, since it is possible to build a system at an honest and reasonable price, companies doing business in Vietnam are constantly making inquiries about installing Probank Screen Golf.

We also started a business of golf equipment (golf sticks, golf gloves, golf shoes, golf clothing, etc.). By supplying good quality golf equipment at reasonable prices through contracts with golf equipment manufacturers. We help customers purchase equipment.

Probank Screen Golf is a brand specializing in screen golf, golf practice, and lessons, starting with Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, and will strive to become a leading golf platform company that can be recognized in the world.